Friday, June 7, 2013

Day one, just in time!

Woke up to a delivery of my QuickStart package from Herbalife, which was surprisingly faster than I expected, but perfect to start my journey early and go into the weekend with (hopefully) some extra energy! It had a container of French Vanilla Formula One, which is great because I've already consumed half my container of Cookies and Cream. I'm excited to play around with some of the recipes I received, too. It also has a multi-vitamin, which is awesome because I literally just ran out of mine. There's a month's worth of a supplement called Cell Activator, which is supposed to promote nutrient absorption and digestion. Finally, there's a bottle of raspberry herbal tea concentrate, which is super convenient for me to take to work and make if I need a pick-me-up, instead of falling back to my old standby Starbucks. 

I took my before photos, but those won't be gracing the interwebs for a month or so- sorry, guys. I can't wait to watch my body change. Tomorrow (or tonight, but probably not because I have to pick a friend up from the airport), I start the Couch to Half Marathon running plan! It ends up working out absolutely perfectly, because I haven't been running as much the past few months as I'd prefer, and the race is in exactly 24 weeks! I know that I can maintain the discipline I need to be successful.

Do you have any long-term, or even short-term fitness goals?

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